Child labor? Monkey goes to work.

Our schedule is somewhat off this week. I just got back from San Diego, Monkey doesn’t have any camp scheduled this week, and we are just trying to make it work somehow. So my little Monkey came to work with me today.

It was surprisingly fun!

She is old enough to mostly entertain herself. She read her book, watched a movie on DVD, and wrote Pumpkin a letter. But her favorite part of the day was playing with an extra iPad we had lying around. One of my colleagues is testing the iPad for customer and/or employee use, and he let Monkey play with it, um, I mean test it for a few hours.

I went to a short meeting, and came back to find her holding court. Well, that’s what it looked like! She was sitting in my chair, surrounded by 4 men who were watching her every move. She was showing them what she had done with the iPad — making changes to how it looks, moving icons around, playing various games, etc. They were entranced, and I was cracking up.

For me, it was just so much fun to have Monkey around all day with me. We went out to lunch together, and after work, since there was no reason to rush home, we met some friends for dinner downtown. (It’s a lot more eating out than I would normally do, but it was a special occasion after all.)  I really enjoyed the extra time with her.

I know she’d be miserable if she had to come to the office very often. But once in a while, well, it’s something to look forward to.

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1 Response to Child labor? Monkey goes to work.

  1. Mom of another Monkey says:

    And, I enjoyed dinner with the two Monkeys.

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