My Favorites

Shall I play favorites? I mean, all my posts are wonderful, terrific, fantastic, and extremely well written. Well, OK, maybe not every single one…

This is a list of a dozen of my favorite posts.

  1. Family shorthand, and George Forman. This post explains many of the nicknames used in my family, and tells a few of our favorite family stories.
  2. Nerdiness. I know I’m a nerd. I admit it, freely. This is a list of the 10 indicators that prove it. [Hint: Star Trek plays a role.]
  3. Uncluttering, very slowly. I’m on a never-ending quest to unclutter (or is it de-clutter? I never know) my house. It seems that small plastic objects and papers multiply by themselves when I’m not looking. This is my first post about uncluttering. You can find them all in the uncluttering category to the right.
  4. Siblings without rivalry? Why do we believe that our kids are not supposed to fight? At a certain point, sibling rivalry is just part of what it means to have siblings. I’m not sure if it’s possible (or even desirable) to raise siblings without rivalry. [Bonus: this post has a photo of my adorable kids. 😀 Well, OK, maybe I’m just a bit biased.]
  5. Trade offs. This was the week I blew off all my housekeeping, and took the kids to a Red Sox game instead. And we saw a grand-slam-home-run right over the Green Monster in Fenway!
  6. Kindness of Strangers. Great stories of people, strangers, who helped others. Don’t forget to read the comments on this one.
  7. Four kitchen items I never knew I wanted. I mean, who knew that these little things, which at one point I didn’t even know existed, would become an important part of my kitchen?
  8. What’s your favorite wedding memory? A great video of a wedding toast (the groom happens to be a Broadway star), and lots of great wedding memories.
  9. Baby nostalgia. I have two kids. Tiger (as my boyfriend is known around here) has 5 kids. We love our kids and don’t want any more. But sometimes, I am struck with nostalgia for the days when the kids were little. [Bonus: this post has a photo of my daughter when she was 18 months old.]
  10. I got really sappy here, telling about my partnership with my boyfriend (now fiance!), and how much I love him. And what it feels like, after all these years, to have a partner. I know, it’s sappy. But it’s heartfelt.
  11. Seven fads that have to go. This one just cracks me up. I mean, who decided that dressing small dogs in fancy clothes was a good idea?
  12. Baking. OK, this one is a cheat. It’s not one post, it’s a whole category. But I love baking, and I love sharing recipes. And if baking’s not your things, there are other food- and cooking-related posts in the Tasty Tuesday category.

Do you agree? Are these ones the best? Or would you nominate others?

Thanks for stopping by!

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