What’s a 1 Sentence Diary?

Life … ordinary life … is precious.  I know it sounds trite.  Even to me it sounds trite.  But after the past nearly unbelievable 7 months, well, I learned that lesson the hard way.  Again.

I want to spend a bit of time reflecting, and remembering the sweet and special moments.

So I decided to start a journal, to focus on things that made me laugh, or that moved me, or something fun.  Not only does writing it down make it stand out more in my memory, but it also helps me be aware of these items throughout the day. It’s funny how our minds work that way.

However, I am not one to write pages and pages of prose, or long entries full of thoughtful connections. Plus, I have no desire to dwell in the past. Thus the idea: a one-sentence-diary.  A place to record those moments that make life sweet.  Calling it “one-sentence” makes it seem less overwhelming, less intimidating.  I don’t have to write a diatribe…just one sentence.  Even I can find time to write one sentence.

I may not limit myself to just one sentence per day, though :-D.

[Full disclosure:  I got this idea from Gretchen Rubin‘s Happiness Project.  This is her post explaining why she keeps a “one sentence journal.”]

3 Responses to What’s a 1 Sentence Diary?

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  2. i love this idea. i’m in the middle of reading the happiness project and this is definitely one of the ideas that has stood out for me, too.

  3. me4sunny says:

    Just started mine (after reading Gretchen posts) and googled to find more people and to see examples, and found you!:-)

    Should we connect? How is journalling going?

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