Focus on the positive

As I’ve said before, the reason I started a 1 Sentence Diary is to spend time reflecting, and to focus on life’s sweet and special moments. It’s a way to help me stand back, and take some time to see the big picture.

But the fact is, I’m still sick. And it’s really difficult to enjoy life’s sweet and special moments when I’m sick.

Of course, I’m not deathly ill. I will get better, eventually! At this point, I basically just have a bad cold. But I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I wonder, is it too much to ask to be headache-free for longer than a 4-hour-dose of ibuprofen? Have I mentioned that I absolutely HATE being sick?!

And this heat wave, it’s not helping.

OK, OK, enough whining. I know it’s not terribly attractive!  Here’s an actual Diary entry:

Pumpkin is still at camp. I’ve seen a few photos of him on the camp website (mostly lovely views of his back or the side of his head). I’m sure he’s having fun, but I do miss him. I know he doesn’t always take the time to write home when he’s away, so last year I made him some silly stationery where he would just have to fill in the blanks. It was just a way to encourage him to write. I had totally forgotten about it, but apparently there was some of that stationery left over from last year, because I got one in the mail today. Essentially, he says that he’s looking forward to sleeping late on shabbat, and that he’ll write more later. And that’s it. That’s the whole letter!

But even though I’m joking about it, I’m still glad he wrote. It’s nice to see his handwriting and to know that he’s having fun. I know the reason he doesn’t write is because he’s too busy enjoying himself. And I’m glad about that.

Monkey and I went to Costco this evening. It was well-airconditioned, and we desperately needed some basics like toilet paper and canned salmon. (Have you tried the canned salmon from Costco? It’s surprisingly delicious.) When Monkey saw the huge container of cherries, her eyes lit up and her smile went from ear to ear. I love love love how much that girl loves fruit. And her smile melts my heart.

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