Pumpkin’s thoughts on volunteering

Pumpkin has been volunteering this week at the SPARK Center, an amazing daycare center for kids who have medical challenges. The bad news: he’s “volunteering” because he got in some trouble last week, and the volunteering is a sort of penance.  The good news: he is one super-great kid!

He spent his time mostly playing with the 4- and 5-year-olds.  He came home exhausted, even though he was only there for 4 hours a day.  I guess he played rather hard!  Each evening he showed me photos of the kids on his cell phone, and chattered about how cute they are and the silly things they said.

Today was his last day there.  When he got home, he said to me:  “Mom, I have a bunch of toys and things in my room that I’ve grown out of.  Can we make another trip to SPARK and bring them all those toys?  I have things at Dad’s house, too, and I want to bring all of it.”

That Pumpkin, he sure is sweet.

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