What could you do to make $5?

Have you seen fiverr yet?  It is … bizarre, and actually, somewhat like a bazaar, too. Like a strange combination of Craig’s List and the want ads.

People post things they will do for $5. Well, the buyer pays $5, but the seller only gets $4 since fiverr takes a cut. People offer to do… lets just say, all kinds of things.

Most of the things people will do for $5 seem to involve cartooning, photography, social media, and the like. But oh no, that’s not all. It doesn’t stop there! Here are some of my favorites:

  • I will find information in your area about haunted houses for you to visit on Halloween. Um, bud, there’s one across the street from me and two more in the neighborhood. I don’t think I need any help finding them, but, uh, thanks anyway.
  • I will sing Happy Birthday in the voice of Marilyn Monroe over the phone. Just what I want. A breathless, sexy rendition of Happy Birthday sung by someone I don’t know. Um, no thanks.
  • I will sing Happy Birthday in the voice of the Swedish Chef over the phone. Unfortunately, my kids have never heard the Swedish Chef. They’d probably be scared by the whole thing. And my boyfriend? I’m sure he’d rather hear Marilyn Monroe.
  • I will prank call or sing Happy Birthday to anyone you want over the phone. Are you sensing a theme here? Dude, you’re not even offering the voice of the Swedish Chef or Marilyn Monroe!
  • I will breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend for $5. This might be even worse than breaking up by text message!
  • I will give you advice about going to jail for $5. There is a market for this? Oy vey. I really hope I don’t ever need this.
  • I will voodoo one person of your choice for $5. This one might be worth $5 to me. Let me get back to you on that one.

So I started thinking, what can I do that I could charge five bucks for? I could offer a recipe or baking instructions, but I already do that for free. (As you know from reading my Tasty Tuesday category.) I could offer to sing Happy Birthday, but since my qualities as a singer are, shall we say, non-existent, I think I’d have to disclose the likelihood of being far off key. Not very marketable, I’m afraid. 😀

What could you do for $5?

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8 Responses to What could you do to make $5?

  1. Shira Adatto says:

    OMG Barb – you are hilarious. I have known you for 20 years and never knew what a snarky sense of wit you had.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. I never heard of this before. Those have got to be fun to read 🙂

  3. Tiger says:

    Actually, I’d prefer the Swedish Chef. 😉

    But the voodoo thing has got me wondering. Normally, I think, you need a lock of the target’s hair or something like that, but my old boss is bald. 😦

  4. Laura says:

    I just wrote about our program’s current fundraising dilemma and trying to find a solution, but think something along these line would be a fantastic and really FUN fundraiser, either as part of an event, or on its own!

  5. I think Laura is onto something! I’m always searching for new ways to fund raise for our daughter’s sports programs. This could be a winner. Gotta check the site out. . .

  6. Kimberly says:

    Wow…delegation at it’s best worst! Fascinating in a rubber-neck, I-can’t-look-away, train wreck kinda way!

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