Tasty Tuesday: Grandma’s Apple Cake

It’s time again for Tasty Tuesday. On Tuesdays I typically share a recipe, a cooking tip, or some combination of both. :-) You can always find all the Tasty Tuesday posts by clicking on the words “Tasty Tuesday” in the menu bar above or in the list of categories on the right.

As I’ve mentioned beforeSeptember is Apple Month around here. I have two recipes for Apple Cake, both of which I love. They are quite different, actually, considering how similar the ingredients are. Last week I made “New Apple Cake.” This week, it’s my grandmother’s Apple Cake, which is a slightly more European/Old World recipe.

My grandmother, may her memory be a blessing, used to make this recipe quite often. Whenever she was invited to a gathering, she would bring this Apple Cake. And she was asked so often for the recipe that she finally came up with a plan. Whenever she brought the cake somewhere, she would also bring several cards with the recipe. She was very generous with her baking recipes. It was just adorable. The hostess would unpack the cake and find the recipe as well. 😉

So here it is…

Grandma’s Apple Cake

Printable version of Grandma’s Apple Cake

1 cup sugar
3 eggs
grated rind of ½ lemon, optional
½ cup oil
1 tsp. vanilla
1¼ cups flour
2 tsps. baking powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
7 apples peeled, cored, and sliced
¼ cup dried cranberries (well, grandma used raisins, and her recipe says optional)

Beat eggs and sugar together until light and fluffy, add vanilla, lemon rind and oil and continue to beat. In another bowl combine flour and baking powder. Mix into egg mixture and beat until well blended.

Grandma says “place half the batter in an 11″ x 7” greased baking dish. But I’m telling you: don’t use half the batter! Instead, use as little as possible to evenly coat the bottom of the pan. That’s my advice!

Toss the apples together with the cinnamon, and spread them on top of the batter. Sprinkle the cranberries onto the apples.

Place remaining batter on top of apples. [OK, well, grandma made it sound easy, but for me it has always been a bit complicated. I spoon the batter into small mounds on top of the apple mixture, and then spread them out as much as possible. It’s not an exact science! But it doesn’t have to look perfect.]

Bake at 350°F for about 1 hour or until top is brown and center of cake springs back. And enjoy!

Grandma would be so happy to know that you were enjoying her cake.

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9 Responses to Tasty Tuesday: Grandma’s Apple Cake

  1. Laura says:

    We are currently enjoying New Apple Cake (BIG hit here at our home), and I can’t wait to try this version next! Thanks for sharing your grandmother’s recipes!

    • Oh, I’m so glad you like it! New Apple Cake is a relatively new favorite at my house, too. I’m very curious to find out what you think of Grandma’s Apple Cake. The two cakes, though they have very similar ingredients, are very different…and I’m finding it difficult to describe the difference. Of course, both are delicious, and get eaten very quickly in my household. 😀

  2. Jami says:

    I love apple cake; it’s the very definition of fall around here. I love to serve them for breakfast.

  3. Karin says:

    How much oil, and what kind? I’m not an experienced baker, otherwise I could probably guess. Sounds yummy!

    • Oh my goodness, Karin, thanks for pointing out my mistake! I completely left out the oil in the list of ingredients. Yikes!

      Corrections have been made above and on the printable version:
      1/2 cup oil
      1 teaspoon of cinnamon


  4. alicia says:

    I love to cook with apples in the fall too. I normally do apple crisp, but opted for the peach this time. This looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing and linkin up to my tasty tuesdays.

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  6. Carolee says:

    Oh my gosh, that sounds so good right now.

    Maybe I’ll make something like this for Thanksgiving!

    My mom blog: http://www.comeonhome.net

  7. Rimma says:

    Thanks for the sharing! Love grandma’s recipes! Do you have more of your Grandma’s tasty recipes?

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