Vacation Haiku

Back from vacation
Happy, sunburnt and jet-lagged
Sleep in own bed, joy!

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5 Responses to Vacation Haiku

  1. mollyonmoney says:

    I love vacations
    They are so lovely any day
    Ahh vacations, oooh

  2. Tiger says:

    Bugs and mud in tent
    Mixed marshmallow goo with sand
    Is that vacation?

  3. I love the haikus
    Have the best readers ever
    Witty silly fun

  4. Laura says:

    Great vacation but
    Car broke down on the way home
    In a heat wave; yuck.

    The first thing I checked
    When home: Had anyone read
    I’m Losing It Here?

  5. This year’s vacation:
    Daughter and hubby’s first child
    Born last week. We’re here.

    Thanks for following Cranberry Morning! 🙂

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