Weekend Happiness

Hmm…. as was pointed out to me recently, oh so politely,  it seems that I have strayed mightily from the original one sentence diary focus of this blog.  But since the whole point is to focus on things that make me happy, that move me, or make me smile, well, I think I’m still doing that. I hope you don’t mind the drifting from topic to topic all too much.

Usually when I write about things that make me happy (examples here, and here), I tend to focus on the people I love. Which is wonderful. The people I love do, indeed, make me happy. But today, I’m going to write about a few things that are not specifically related to friends or family.

These are some things that made me smile this weekend, all on my own:

  • Visiting a favorite blog and finding my own guest post there. Such fun!
  • Lots of encouraging comments on this site, from new readers and old friends.
  • Figuring out how to create a Facebook page for this blog, and how to make a welcome page for it, and how to use it. (I know, I know, I’m a nerd. I’ve already written about my own nerdiness!)
  • Incredible weather. Warm, sunny, dry (not humid), and cooler at night. Excellent sleeping weather.
  • Several good nights’ sleep. Uninterrupted, and without the sound of the window air conditioner. (See note about the weather, above.)
  • A long walk by the river. No iPod, no music, nothing to take away my focus from the world around me. And, did I mention the incredible weather?
  • No television. I didn’t turn on the TV, even once, this weekend. I often think that watching TV is good relaxation, but the reality (for me, and I’m only speaking for myself here) is that I don’t feel relaxed after watching TV. I just feel…tired. I’m happier, in a better mood, and more energetic if I leave the TV off.
  • More clearing out and uncluttering. It’s a never-ending, iterative (and exhausting) process…but each time I take stuff out of the house I feel better/lighter/more free. I hope to post more about my weekend purges later in the week.
  • Baking. Obviously! One of my favorite things to do. A friend joked yesterday, “you’re like that character on Grey’s anatomy [Izzy] who bakes muffins all the time!” Of course, she said that while she was eating the muffins I brought her. 🙂
  • My new favorite fun website: http://www.jacksonpollock.org/ I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so all I will say is, be sure to click “Enter JacksonPollock.org.”

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine. 🙂

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5 Responses to Weekend Happiness

  1. mollyonmoney says:

    That’s the great thing about being YOUR blog- you can stray if you want! And the Jackson Pollock website was fun. I wonder what Pollock would think?!

  2. oh amanda says:

    Sounds so fun! And I just love the title/thought behind your blog…even if you’re NOT doing just 1 sentence! (And how sad if we only got one sentence…)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Betsy says:

    Love the Jackson Pollack. And I bet my 3-year-old will love it even more. I need to meditate on your observation about TV. . .

    • Enjoy, Betsy! And I hope your 3yo loves it too.
      I visited your blog and tried to comment, but wasn’t able to. (I sometimes have a problem with Blogspot comments, I’m not sure why.) Anyway, just wanted to say that I loved the post about alternatives to air fresheners. I’m a big fan of “light a candle!”

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