Happy List

Man Jumping into a Lake

Today I’m happy because:

  • The weather is beautiful, a perfect day for the lake.
  • We have plans to spend the afternoon at the lake, with a bunch of friends. (Note aforementioned weather.)
  • Pumpkin is having an excellent time in Spain. At least, I assume he is, since I’ve barely heard from him. Not that I’m trying to guilt him into writing me, or anything like that…
  • We finally found a way for Monkey to swallow medicine, which is an ongoing, intermittent problem at Casa 1Sentence. A friend suggested smooshing the pill and embedding it into a piece of banana. Amazing! It worked.
  • Ibuprofen helped ease the pain of Monkey’s newly tightened braces so that she could fall asleep. And so could I.
  • The very odd dreams I’ve been having lately are just dreams. When I wake up, I realize that I don’t have to puzzle over how to handle this weird problem, because it’s not actually reality. For example, I’m not traveling in China at the moment with a large group of people who don’t speak Chinese. So I don’t have to worry about that right now :-).
  • I know nothing about “dream theory” so I feel no need to analyze my odd dreams.
  • I have a porch which made a very pleasant (if small) place to sit and hang out with friends last night. An outdoor space is only useful for a few months in this crazy climate, but during those months I really enjoy it.
  • I also enjoy said friends!  Such a pleasant evening last night with a simple dinner and relaxed conversation on the porch. (But I do have to ask: Why do we have to wait for a catalyst such as a mutual friend visiting from a foreign country before we get together?)
  • We made s’mores for dessert last night. Triple bonus: I got to eat s’mores, I got to share them with friends (especially the kids) who had never tried them before, and I got to retell the story of the first time that Monkey had a s’more. It’s one of my all-time-favorite stories.
  • In just over a week Tiger will be moving here. And that makes me very happy indeed.

What are you happy about today?

Image: Levitate at the Lake by Open Threads via flickr under a Creative Commons license

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6 Responses to Happy List

  1. Shira Adatto says:

    Just reading this made me happy. I love this diary of yours. You’re a wonderful writer.

  2. Aw, shucks! Thanks for the kind words, Shira. I’m glad you like it! I’m having a lot of fun.

  3. Frugal Liz says:

    I’m happy because I had mango pudding for dinner!

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