What makes me happy? The people I love!

Just a few quick thoughts today, in the spirit of “1 sentence”:

  1. Monkey started basketball camp today.  Watching her confident and casual walk into the gym where the kids were shooting hoops — I was filled with happiness for her.
  2. Tiger mentioned a small problem he is facing.  We talked about it for a few minutes, and I made a suggestion.  He paused, and then said, “Well … (pause) … I’m certain … (longer pause) … that I would have thought of that, eventually!”  We both burst out laughing.  Of course I was glad to help him, but the best part was how funny he made the whole thing.
  3. I spoke to Pumpkin on the phone this afternoon.  As we hung up, he said, “Love you, Mom.”

Is it obvious that the best parts of my life are related to the people I love?

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2 Responses to What makes me happy? The people I love!

  1. Cousin M says:

    I love Monkey’s confidence at basketball camp. I believe the greatest gift we can give our children is self-confidence. With it they can conquer the world!

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